Friday, 19 October 2012

Building on the Architecture

budtobud decided early on to invest the time and money to build an architecture that would serve as foundation to add new platforms, features, music sources, and services. The benefit of this approach is that we can now add new elements quickly and have the flexibility for fast changes. Our bet is that our approach will have long-term benefits.
An early validation of our approach is evident in our most recent budtobud for OS X release. In it we've quickly add some significant new feature. We hope that you enjoy them.

Rdio is our newest Music Source. Now you can listen in real time with your friends using Rdio, Spotify, or iTunes.

budtobud now has its own volume control for local playback. This control has no effect on the volume for people in your party EXCEPT for Rdio: if you reduce the volume from budtobud or the Rdio app it will affect the volume for the people in your party. You’ve been warned.

Basic controls – play/pause, skip backward and forward – for the selected Music Source have been added when you rollover the album art.

VU meters indicate if the sound is properly captured from the music source. To turn them on to change their orientation (horizontal or vertical), go to the Listen tab in Preferences. It looks cool too.

We’ve made a few usability improvements too.

a.    The budtobud dock icon counter will increment only when a new conversation is started and will decrease by one for each viewed conversation.
b.    When your Mac wakes up from sleep, sound will be captured from Music Sources as it was when the system went to sleep.
Download the budtobud for OS X beta and enjoy the experience.