Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Time Has Come

This is budtobud's first official news release. Have a look and see you on budtobud!

Say hello to budtobud. We are social music simplified.

Thanks to the online music revolution heralded first by iTunes and later by Spotify, Soundcloud and others, downloading and listening to music online has never been easier. Ironically, despite an increasing number of available music services, music players and social music tools[1], we music fans need to work hard if we want to do something we love best in the real world: simply listening to and discovering music with friends. Today if you and your friends want to have the full experience of enjoying music together – listening in real time from your personal music library or online services, sharing what you’ve recently listened to, your preferences, what's hot – you can only do so if you are physically together. (Gasp!)

That’s where budtobud comes in. budtobud brings all of the elements of social music together into one easy-to-use system. It’s social music simplified.

Here’s the deal. Once you download the budtobud app, you play music as you normally would on Spotify, iTunes or whatever. You tell budtobud what music source you want to use and it captures the song information from what you’re playing at that very moment. Your Buddies can see what you’re listening to and you can see what they’ve got playing too. Then you and your Buddies can listen along with one another in real time. While you’re enjoying the music you can chat, explore each others' listening histories, update Facebook and Twitter, as well as bookmark and purchase songs from your favorite music stores.

Using budtobud you discover music in the most natural, organic way possible – from your friends. For example, and just like you would expect in the real world, 94% of Spotify users said that they “listened to a song because a friend listened to it.” (Lab42: Social Sound Bytes: Music Listening & Sharing). budtobud makes that possible in real time – just like you would with your friends in your home, your car, or at the park.

budtobud is available TODAY as a free beta download for OS X and currently supports iTunes/iTunes Match and Spotify as music sources. Support for other music services will be coming shortly as will support for budtobud running on other platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows.

So get on it! Start listening to music with your friends wherever they are. Getting started is simple:
  1. download budtobud for OS X (drag-and-drop install)
  2. add friends, play music or decide to listen in
  3. enjoy the music experience! 

[1] The list is huge and includes, in no particular order, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Spotify,, Music on Facebook, Soundcloud, Google Play, Grooveshark,, rdio, Anthm, Deezer, MOG, Pandora, Slacker,, Songza, YouTube, Soundtracker, 8Tracks, Soundtracking, iHeartRadio, Shazam,… you get the idea.